Picture of the day: Rafa hangs with LeBron and D-Wade

Chris Chase
Busted Racquet

LeBron James came out last weekend to watch Rafael Nadal show his talents in South Beach. Accompanying teammate Dwyane Wade and his two sons, the Miami Heat star took in Nadal's match against Kei Nishikori and participated in the pre-match coin toss.

"There's certain things in Miami that guys should experience," Wade told reporters. "So I had to drag LeBron out here, but I think this is something he'll probably come back to next year and come back for years after that. This is a good experience."

A few observations:

1. Combined, Nadal and LeBron have nine titles. Of course, combined, Nadal and I have nine titles too.

2. Chris Bosh can't score an invite? (He did attend the tournament a few days earlier, sans teammates.)

3. I'd imagine Roger Federer saw these pictures and wondered why LeBron and D-Wade didn't come to his match.

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