Picture of the Day: ATP finalists relaxing, London-style

What is this, an edition of Masterpiece Theater? I half expect Rafa to light a pipe, open up one of those oversized, leather-bound Dickens books and begin doing a John Houseman impersonation.

Thank goodness the ATP World Tour Finals begin tomorrow. I don't know how many more of these ridiculous photo ops I could take. (I'm lying, I love these things. How much resentment was there in the room when the photographers say Federer and Nadal in those chairs? And look at del Potro. For as effortless as he and Federer look on the tennis court, they sure seem to be aware of what their hands are doing in this picture. Relax, guys.)

Martin Rogers previews the tournament, which begins tomorrow, in Busted Racquet's Weekly Slice and predicts a Federer victory. That would make Roger just the second man in history to finish the year at No. 1 after losing the ranking during that same year. (Ivan Lendl was the other.) My money is on Andy Murray, who will have the home-court advantage without the pressure that usually accompanies it at Wimbledon.

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