Picture: Andy Roddick loses a bet, grows a mustache

Andy Roddick will have a mustache for the next two days, the product of an unspecified lost bet.

It took a lost bet to grow a mustache? For shame, Andrew! Mustaches are not a penalty, they are a reward for masculinity and brawn. Growing hairs on your upper lip is a privilege bestowed unto us and should be treated as such. Don't grow a mustache because you have to, grow a mustache because you can and because it looks awesome.

Anyway, the top-ranked American player took a picture of his lip-tickler and Tweeted it for his 400,000 followers to see:

Bonus points for holding up Monday's edition of USA Today to prove that the picture was taken Monday. It's like he's being held hostage and/or is Fidel Castro.

In his Tweet, Roddick wrote, "it is a horrendous look for anyone not named tom selleck or burt reynolds."

Don't forget about Rollie Fingers, Andy. Never forget about Rollie Fingers.

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