Photo gallery: A bootless Serena Williams dazzles at Oscar parties

A dazzling Serena Williams, sans boot (finally!), made two red carpet appearances in Hollywood on Sunday night. The tennis star attended Elton John's Academy Awards viewing party and then made an appearance at Graydon Carter's Vanity Fair celebration.

Serena began the night at a fundraiser for Elton John's AIDS foundation. The dress was beautiful, if a little "Black Swan"-ish. Venus probably thought it needed to be three feet shorter.

Though Serena holds up her various accessories in this picture, more attention was focused on what she didn't have on her foot. "I finally had the cast taken off a few days ago," Serena told the New York Post. "I have been wearing it for so many months, so I am so happy. My foot feels good and I'm starting to train right away, and I intend to be back for the French Open [in May]."

Timetables for Serena's return are as reliable as Charlie Sheen (zing!), but after months of open-ended responses to the "when are you coming back?" question, it's good to hear a definitive date for a change.

Serena made a costume change and then stopped by the night's biggest soiree, the Vanity Fair Oscar party.

Another glamorous look. The black one is better, but both of Serena's gowns are "best-dressed list" material.

Is that a bag, a taquito or the Dead Sea Scrolls? Discuss.

Once inside the party, Serena hobnobbed with celebrities. And Brett Ratner. Though Serena's gowns were long enough to cover her feet, this quote, "I have so missed wearing heels, I can't wait to get them back on!" and the fact that she's not towering over the director of "Rush Hour 3" suggests she's wearing flats.

From the Washington Post's description of the VF party:

"Someone bid $80,000 at Elton John's party for two tickets to this one. The cost of a top-tier college education -- for what? To get elbowed in the ribs by the most skilled crowd-parter in the world: Serena Williams, whose backhand is crippling in a roomful of people who ignore every 'Pardon me.'"

She's throwing elbows? Was Justine Henin there? Did Peter Fonda say he didn't care for Green Day?

Serena can hold her own in Hollywood as well as she can in Wimbledon. But let's hope she trades in red carpets for red clay real soon.

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