Novak Djokovic's wedding will be this week, probably, according to reports

Stephanie Myles
Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic and his girlfriend Jelena Ristic pose for photographers as they arrive at a fundraising dinner for the Novak Djokovic Foundation in London July 8, 2013 in this file picture. REUTERS/Neil Hall

Since Wimbledon champ Novak Djokovic spoke in his post-match press conference about an upcoming wedding (and it obviously won't be during the summer U.S. hard-court season), it appears that all the reports out of Serbia may eventually get it right.

This wedding is a big deal in Djokovic's home country; it's almost a royal wedding.

Original reports had the right location at the Aman Sveti Stefan in Montenegro, on the Adriatic coast, but the date (a week before the start of Wimbledon) wrong.

This report from the Daily Mail claims that was the correct date, but that Djokovic changed his mind at the last minute to "focus on Wimbledon." That's ludicrous, of course; you can't just assume an exclusive resort like that is going to be available again on a few week's notice, and there are an infinite number of logistics involved – including the travel plans of the busy celebrity guests. As well, the original date had many of the alleged guests scheduled to play in grass-court warmup tournaments (including Andy Murray, who was the tabloids' choice as Djokovic's best man!)

This one may have the correct date - Wednesday, July 9 – or close, but it likely has the guest list wrong. This one says Ana Ivanovic and Jelena Jankovic are not, in fact among the 210 guests for the civil ceremony to be held on July 10, with a church service to follow before just 15 family and friends the day after the Fast of the Apostles, or St. Peter's Fast, ends on July 12.

The New York Post says it's a pretty spectacular locale.

This report says Serbian media will be banned, and that they've sold the rights to the wedding photos for a large sum of money - which will go to charity – and that employees involved in the preparations have signed confidentiality agreements. That's all pretty much par for the course when celebrities get married, except for the "donate the photographic rights to charity" part, which not all of them do (Hellooooo, Kardashians!).

Yes, it's a shotgun wedding (do people still use that term?) as Djokovic's fiancée, Jelena Ristic, is expecting the couple's first child, probably somewhere around October.

Coming into all this with Djokovic on the high of winning his second Wimbledon title after somewhat of a finals drought should make the festivities even ... more festive.

So what do we know? It's likely Djokovic and Ristic will get married this week. Probably. There may be two ceremonies. There will be lots of people there, but probably not Ivanovic or Jankovic. Also, that she's pregnant so it will be sort of a maternity bride's dress – all the rage these days.