Novak Djokovic paints, hugs, innuendoes for charity

To celebrate his qualification into next month's ATP World Tour Finals, Novak Djokovic broke out the coveralls and was commissioned to create a self-portrait of himself that will eventually be auctioned off for charity. The results were much more amusing than when Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer did the same thing a few weeks back.

"I'm trying to express myself through paints for many year, but nobody was kind of noticing that. This is the first work that goes public."

Novak, you're the best.

I don't want to know what was going on at the :56 and 1:29 marks, but I suspect it was rated PG-13. Also, this clip helped me learn that Djokovic and I share a love of trying to hug people while covered in paint (or rain or pool water or snow or sand). Never gets old.