Novak Djokovic invites a ball boy to have a seat with him during French Open rain delay

When a match is taking place, Novak Djokovic is far from a sweet soul. He's the type of champion that wants to beat you, and beat you bad, and when he's between those lines it seems he's as unrelenting as anyone in the game. 

But the moment he turns off the professional tennis mentality, the guy is just downright fun. He's been known to do incredible impersonation of just about everyone past or present in tennis, and usually has fun with fans and such when he isn't trying to win points. 

During his opening round match at the French Open, play was suspended because of rain, and Djokovic, who was up 6-1, 5-2 on Joao Sousa, sat down while one of the ball boys stood over him with an umbrella.

Novak quickly made room for the young man, having him take a seat and even hold his racquet while Novak took command of the umbrella. 

It was a fun moment during a bit of a bummer as rain was causing play to be put on hold, and shows once more the kind of guy Djokovic is when he's just having a bit of fun with a kid that won't soon forget this moment from the 2014 French Open. 

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