Novak Djokovic hits ridiculous cross-court lob at the ATP Finals to snag the momentum from Rafael Nadal

Shane Bacon
Busted Racquet

In exactly the match that should have been played to all but end the 2013 tennis season, Novak Djokovic took down Rafael Nadal relatively easy at the ATP World Finals in London on Monday.

Djokovic, who will end the year as No. 2 in the world behind Nadal, won 6-3, 6-4 to defend his ATP World Final title from a season ago and remind everyone that despite the recent success Nadal has had against Djokovic, the Serbian can still beat the best in the world when he's hitting the ball as cleanly as he did in London.

What was the moment that changed the match? That is Djokovic hitting an absolutely stunning cross-court lob on break point, fending off Nadal, one of the only people in the world that could have returned that shot Djokovic pulled off, and eventually winning the point to give himself the break that ended up winning him the first set.

It was a good example of the ability, speed and downright bloodhound-ness of both Djokovic and Nadal that they could continue to find some way to sniff out these balls and return them with pace and depth.

Nadal ends his season with the French and U.S. Open titles, not to mention that No. 1 ranking, while Djokovic will leave '13 with the Australian Open title and a final match win against the only man ranked ahead of him in the world.

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