No tweet for you!

Still three days to go before the start of the U.S. Open, and already the "fun police" is out.

Tournament organizers have posted visible warnings in the locker rooms and players areas at Flushing Meadows in an attempt to cut out the latest scourge of the game … Twitter.

In its infinite wisdom, the Tennis Integrity Unit, an anti-corruption body within the sport, has deduced that Twitter is a potential hazard to the game's concept of fair play and has taken immediate action against this heinous threat.

Players, coaches and family members have all been warned to be careful with the use of Twitter, as certain items could be regarded as relaying inside information.

The ITU is presumably concerned that players' tweets could potentially affect the betting market on a particular game or tournament.

It's hard to believe any player would be stupid enough to relay information of such a sensitive nature. Nevertheless, this will take some color away from the tournament.

Tweets from the likes of Andy Murray and Andy Roddick were a pleasant distraction during Wimbledon, but it's likely that this heavy-handed approach will scare off many potential tweeters.

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