New music vids: Nadal and Shakira; Vampire Weekend hits court

Not since Anna Kournikova was dancing all over Enrique Iglesias videos has tennis been so hot in the music industry. Both pop-star Shakira and indie heroes Vampire Weekend will heavily feature tennis and/or tennis stars in new clips.

Rafael Nadal will star in the upcoming Shakira video, "Gypsy", which is set to debut on Yahoo! on Feb. 26. The video is said to be a "tale of a transient, broken-hearted drifter" which is code for "three-and-a-half minutes of close-ups of Shakira's torso". (Sign me up.) The six-time Grand Slam champ will play Shakira's love interest which is code for "three-and-a-half minutes of Nadal biting his lip and looking coy". (Oddly, I still want to be signed up for that too.)

Here's a pic from the session:

New York-based indie rock band Vampire Weekend is also getting in on the tennis action. Their new video for "Giving Up The Gun" is about, uh -- alright, I have no clue what it's about. But there's a lot of tennis, Jake Gyllenhaal in short shorts, Lil' Jon speaking French and RZA playing some sort of Wu-Tang chair umpire. Watch it after the jump: