Like most of America, Andy Roddick can't stand Skip Bayless

Except for being a multi-millionaire tennis champion married to a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model (I only date said models), Andy Roddick and I have a bunch in common. He's a big sports fan, enjoys watching ESPN, has done some writing for Yahoo! Sports, is a frequent user of Twitter and has recently used said medium to rip Skip Bayless.

For those unfamiliar with Bayless, I envy you. He's a know-it-none blowhard who appears on ESPN and constantly spouts ridiculous, unsubstaniated opinions in the most bombastic of fashions. He's contrary for the sake of being contrary.

Andy Roddick agrees. Yesterday he posted a trio of tweets eviscerating the TV personality for a typically presposterous analysis of the NFL's Indianapolis Colts:

skip bayless is the biggest idiot on TV. he just said he is giving the Indy Colts a "D grade" for the decade.he knows ZERO about sports.ZERO

i say a lot of stuff on twitter that i get disagreed with on. i have to say not one person has come to the defense of skip bayless.. not one

not really interested in "debating" bayless. talking sports with him would be like asking bill callahan how to turn nebraska football around

So I guess Roddick won't be appearing on "First Take" then? I'd actually watch that. Roddick's acerbic wit against Bayless would be as unfair a fight as if they met on the tennis court.

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