McIlroy turns back on Nadal, is rooting for Murray at Wimbledon

Chris Chase
Busted Racquet

The bromance between Rory McIlroy and Rafael Nadal had the longevity you'd expect from any celebrity coupling.

One week after Rafa sent McIlroy a pep-talk text message on the morning of the young golfer's U.S. Open win and later spoke about how McIlroy was an inspiration to him, McIlroy returned the favor by saying he'd be rooting against Nadal in a potential Wimbledon semifinal match against Andy Murray. Judas!

"I would love to see Andy win his first Grand Slam. I can relate to him on how much pressure there must be on him from ­everyone. He's come close before to ­winning three times. So it would be great to see him do it. [...] To win his first one would be great for British tennis and ­British sport in general."

No love for Nadal, his so-called "friend" and fellow major champion?

"It would be great if Rafa won but I would ­really like Andy to get his first slam at ­Wimbledon this year."

I can see his point. Nadal has 10 Grand Slams and two Wimbledons, while Murray has none and carries the weight of the United Kingdom on his shoulders. It's only natural that the golfer from Northern Ireland would side with the pressured tennis player from Scotland. McIlroy is going with the hometown pick and that's fine. It's not like he's doing so while disparaging Rafa.

"Nadal was one of the first ­people to get in touch after I won the U.S. Open. He texted me a 'well done.' His text messages make me laugh because they are just like the way he speaks. They are in broken ­English which is quite funny."

Oh, he went there. He went right there. Well you know what else is funny, Rory? This.

McIlroy also met John McEnroe during his visit to Wimbledon and then presumably told him he always liked Bjorn Borg better and that Debbie Harry could have sung a better vocal on "Goodbye to You" than Patty Smyth.

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