McEnroe and Borg join forces to release underwear line. Seriously.

Chris Chase
Busted Racquet

There's a chance you cannot, or will not, believe this is serious, but it is. On the 30th anniversary of their epic 1981 Wimbledon final, Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe held a joint press conference in London to announce the release of a new, joint underwear collection.

It's the natural progression of things, I guess: Two men with different personalities, one from Sweden, the other from New York, forge a classic rivalry that ends when one retires in the prime of his career, sending both into downward spirals throughout the 1980s that sees them reemerge later as respected elder statesman of the game and the heads of an emerging undergarment conglomerate. Typical stuff.

Borg and McEnroe's drawers were inspired by the 1980s, which I'm taking to mean they're really, really tight and enjoy watching "Family Ties."

The limited edition set will be released in August.


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