MC Serena? Williams reportedly sets sights on rap career

Chris Chase
Busted Racquet

Serena Williams, rap star?

TMZ reported that the tennis star was in the studio last week recording tracks with famed hip-hop producer DJ Clue. (I hope he brought some Green Day samples with him.)

Given Serena's dalliances into fashion, football, jewelry and nails, it's a wonder she didn't make a run at the music game earlier. Wouldn't you have expected her to have had a novelty single with Venus back when they were teenagers? Like somebody at Williams Morris didn't recommend that back in 2002.

Serena recorded the tracks in the studio of her friend Bryant McKinnie, a guard for the Minnesota Vikings. Last week McKinnie told reporters that Serena has been using training tips from Williams during the NFL lockout.

Though Serena has yet to address the TMZ report (Serena always knows how to nurse a mysterious story), she used her Twitter account to post a picture of herself singing karaoke. No matter what happens, there are two certainties: First, Serena already has the outfit for her first video. Second, no matter how bad she may be, it couldn't possibly be worse than Andy Murray.

If she does indeed have some tracks dropping soon, here are some recommendations for possible song choices: "One Love," "Me and My Boyfriend" (ft. Common), "6 Foot (Faults) 7 Foot (Faults)," and, of course, "Straight Outta Compton."

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