Mats Wilander is giving tennis lessons out of his Winnebago

Chris Chase
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For as little as $200, you can get seven-time Grand Slam champion Mats Wilander to drive up to your local club in a Winnebago and give you a tennis lesson. All it takes is a call to Wilander's lesson hotline.

For as many as 12 weeks per year, the former world No. 1 travels the country in his Winnebago and makes stops at various locales to teach the sport he loves.

The Wall Street Journal recently wrote about Wilander on Wheels, LLC:

Wilander does most of the driving. [Business partner and fellow instructor Cameron] Lickle, a 30-year-old former top player at the Naval Academy who studied nuclear engineering, drums up business. They met in Sun Valley when investment strategist Kiril Sokoloff hired Lickle as a ringer to beat up on a few local bullies in doubles.

For an hour-and-a-half clinic with eight players, Wilander and Lickle charge as little as $200 per person. Private lessons and home visits cost more. A full day at a club includes two clinics and an exhibition; customers are mostly recreational players, from 30-somethings taking a day out of the office to retirees.

Wilander says he started the venture because he wanted to avoid spending time in planes and hotels. Though the money is good, it's not the driving force behind the venture. The Journal reports Wilander is on "sound financial footing" thanks to his tennis career and television jobs. He owns an 81-acre estate in Idaho where he lives with his wife and four children. But the pull to travel and teach tennis compelled him to use the Winnebago he bought in 2000 to traverse the country for a few weeks per year.

His aren't your typical tennis lessons. True to the style that made him one of the greatest players of the modern era, Wilander teaches a physical brand of tennis that relies on endurance and fitness.

Wilander's services can be obtained by calling 787-GET-GAME. Just make sure you have a big enough parking space.

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