Maria Sharapova didn’t actually cut her hair

Chris Chase

Maria Sharapova fooled us all. Two days after posting pictures of a new, short haircut on Facebook, the tennis star revealed that they were a fake. She revealed Wednesday that she was wearing a wig in the two photos that caused an international uproar.

To prove herself, Sharapova posted a new photo of her hair -- still long and blonde -- along with a disingenuous message that attempts to convince her Facebook followers that she didn't mean to confuse anyone:

Wow, when I posted those photos with the short hair I had no idea everyone would all go bananza....( my dear friends, I never actually said I cut my hair!) so for the sake of my email inbox and it's stressful 24 hours, I would like to showyou the below hair is still long...and blonde...and well it's pretty much the same! We did a shoot a few days ago and I sported all types of hair styles...long and yes short (a wig!!!).

I'd be more impressed if Sharapova admitted she pulled one over on the world rather than giving an unconvincing excuse. She got us. Own it, Masha.

I like to think I have a good nose for Internet hoaxes, but I was all in on this. Did it seem a little strange that she'd undergo a major transformation six months before her wedding? Sure. But given that she's not a known prankster and that the cut was a realistic one, my BS detectors barely registered.

In case you didn't see it, here are the pics Sharapova uploaded earlier in the week:

Plausible enough, right?

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