Maria Sharapova celebrates the same way at every Grand Slam (PHOTO GALLERY)

Chris Chase
Busted Racquet

Much has happened to Maria Shrapova in the eight years between pulling a teenage surprise at Wimbledon and capping the career Grand Slam on Saturday at Roland Garros. One of the few constants: Her victory celebrations at majors.

Here are photos of Maria celebrating in the initial moments after winning each of her four Grand Slams:

Fall to two knees, drop racquet to side, tuck feet behind rear, sit up straight, cup hands, bury face in said hands. She did it at Wimbledon as a 17-year-old, two years later in New York, two years later in Melbourne, when it looked like she was about to get on a historic roll and then on Saturday, as 25-year-old who finally got back to the top of the tennis world after years spent battling injuries.

Given her dominant play at Roland Garros, expect to see Sharapova's patented move again this year, either at Wimbledon, the Olympics or the US Open.

A huge racquet clap to Tennis. Nonsense. for putting together the fantastic .gif that inspired this photo array (they synced up all four match points to show the reaction shots.) We couldn't embed it here, which is why we went for the pictures, but be sure to go check it out. Preferably with your face not covered by your hands.

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