Man impersonates Roger Federer on the streets of Shanghai, gets bombarded by fans

Shane Bacon
Busted Racquet

A pretty easy way for celebrities to measure their level of fame is by asking the simple question, "if someone dressed up as me, would people freak out?"

Meet Donnie, a man that probably doesn't have a jaw-dropping backhand, but did take it upon himself to hit the streets of Shanghai in hopes of impersonating Roger Federer.

It's worth pointing out that Donnie doesn't really look like Federer, talk like him or even have the flowing locks like him. If you watch the video below, you'll see he even signs all the "autographs" with his left hand, not really what I'd expect from the right-handed Federer.

But Donnie's experiment was simple; he wanted to see if people would think he was Roger simply by throwing on some Nike gear and hiring a few bodyguards to follow him around. Notice him they did, and the droves of fans flocked to get a picture with fake Roger, get his autograph and even have him pose with their baby.

I do feel a bit bad for some of the people that got actual stuff signed by this man, but the idea was all in good fun and reminds us that the mind sees what the mind wants.

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