At long last, the Novak Djokovic falcon T-shirt is for sale

The world in which you woke up this morning is a better place than the one in which you fell asleep last night.

Ever since we first caught a glimpse of the T-shirt Srdjan Djokovic was wearing at this year's U.S. Open, we've waited and wondered whether that garment, the most transcendent article of clothing since the Shroud of Turin, would ever be available for mere mortals like ourselves to purchase. Could we have our own T-shirt depicting Novak Djokovic wearing a T-shirt with a falcon on it, or was it to be something that we'd long for the rest of our lives but would never fall within our grasp?

Fear not, my friends, because now we can. After two long months of waiting, the Novak Djokovic T-shirt is finally for sale. Nole's official website has started selling various shirts with his image on it, including the same one his father Srdjan wore during this summer's Open.

There are five different shirts to choose from. We selected the best three:

1. The original

It looks to be exactly the same as the one worn by Srdjan. Now I know what Da Vinci felt when he saw his Mona Lisa for the first time.

2. The torso-spanning backhand

If you've ever wanted a shirt with a back that includes a stray hand, a racquet and a ball that seems completely out of place*, this is the garmet for you.

* Why is the ball to the right of the racquet and completely out of Nole's line of vision?

3. The server

A shirt that brings all the joys of Novak's serve without all the incessant ball-bouncing. I especially like the Serbian spelling of Đoković on the back.


On the site the shirts are priced at "5.000 din" which I take to mean 5,000 dinar (dinar being the Serbian unit of currency. Looking at the exchange rates, that would make the shirts 64 American dollars a piece. That might seem high until you remember that it's $64 for a T-shirt depicting Novak Djokovic wearing a T-shirt with a freakin' falcon on it.

Santa, consider my Christmas list complete.

Enthusiastic racquet-clap to @JamesLaRosa for the tip.

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