Liezel Huber discovered Christopher Columbus #liezelfacts

Over the weekend, a tongue-in-cheek a fantastic Twitter hashtag called #liezelfacts briefly took over the feeds of all tennis fans, as they tried to one-up each other with ridiculous "truths" about the American Fed Cup member. The meme, a reference to the legendary Chuck Norris facts, plays on the patriotism of Liezel Huber, the South Africa-born doubles specialist who became a U.S. citizen in 2007.

Though Huber didn't get to play in the Fed Cup finals loss this weekend to Italy (the tie was decided before her scheduled doubles match), but she'll always have the knowledge that death once had a near-Liezel Huber experience.

Our favorites from the 36 hour marathon of #liezelfacts:

@bradhunter: A Chick-fil-A restaurant opened its doors on Sunday once, because Liezel wanted a chicken biscuit. #liezelfacts

@jonscott9: The music genre was almost named "rhythm and Reds" but then Liezel said her favorite color was "blue." #liezelfacts

@bellyflopz: Liezel watches Jay Leno and finds him hilarious. #liezelfacts

@Curtos07: Uncle Sam is the brother of Leizel Huber's father. #liezelfacts

@Chalk_Flew_Up: Herb Brooks used Liezel Huber's birth four years earlier to inspire the American hockey team to pull off the "Miracle on Ice." #liezelfacts

@DailyForehand: Lisa Murkowski will be disappointed to find out that 99% of write-in votes were for Liezel. #liezelfacts

@JoeyDillon: Time was so scared of Liezel, it created Daylight's Savings. #liezelfacts

@bellyflopz: The movie "National Treasure" was really about Liezel's birth. #liezelfacts

A favorites list could have been compiled simply from the Twitter feed of FOBR (Friend of Busted Racquet) @FortyDeuceTwits. Here were my five favorites (of about 30 great ones):

@FortyDeuceTwits: Bruce Springsteen calls Liezel "The Boss." #liezelfacts

@FortyDeuceTwits: Liezel can see Russia from her house. #liezelfacts

@FortyDeuceTwits: School children pledge allegiance to Liezel. #liezelfacts

@FortyDeuceTwits: Liezel goes Osama hunting in the off season. #liezelfacts

@FortyDeuceTwits: The Dallas Cowboys are commonly referred to as "Liezel Huber's Team." #liezelfacts

The Dallas Cowboys wish they were playing as well as Liezel.

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