Kate and Pippa Middleton were excited about Roger Federer’s win

The assumption was that Scotsman Andy Murray would have a heavy home-court advantage against Roger Federer during their Wimbledon final on Sunday. And while the Scotsman was certainly the rooting favorite as he tried to become the first Brit to win at the All England Club since 1936, the amount of support for Roger Federer was strong. Quite strong.

Nowhere was that more evident than in the Royal Box with sisters Kate and Pippa Middleton. Look, I'm not saying they were rooting for Federer but, if they weren't, they had a decidedly non-British way of showing it. When the cameras would cut to the sisters after big points, they had beaming, genuine smiles on their faces. I sensed less enthusiasm when Murray came out with a big game.

Cases in point: Here are the sisters after a Federer winner.

And after a Murray winner:

Either there's a Middleton beef with Scotland or Pippa is angling for some sort of Swiss royalty setup?

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