Jerzy Janowicz goes Hulk Hogan on his shirt after his second round win at the Australian Open

Shane Bacon

Remember the thumbs up salute that players did after winning tough tennis matches at big events? Yeah, that was so 2013.

Jerzy Janowicz sees your thumbs up and takes it to a whole other level, as we saw after his second round win over Pablo Andujar on Wednesday at the Australian Open. Janowicz, the No. 20 ranked player at the first Grand Slam of 2014, struggled a bit with a foot injury during his match, but he held on to win 4-6, 7-6 (3), 7-6 (5), 6-3.

That was when the fun began, as Janowicz ran over to a small group of Polish tennis fans and ripped off his shirt a la Hulk Hogan, giving the ripped up (And I'm sure sweaty) polo to the fans and a few meaty high fives that I'm sure left a hand or two a bit red.

Still, the celebration tops any that we've seen this week in Melbourne and it pushes Janowicz to the third round where he will face Florian Mayer of Germany with hopefully a new shirt to tear apart.