Jennifer Capriati charged with stalking, battery

Jennifer Capriati, now 36, has had a tough road since her days as a teen tennis prodigy and a stint atop the world rankings. Although she's a three-time major winner and a member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame, she's had difficulties off the court, with arrests ranging from shoplifting to marijuana possession.

And the problems continue. Capriati now faces battery and stalking charges in Palm Beach County, Florida stemming from an incident with an ex-boyfriend on Valentine's Day. According to North Palm Beach police, Capriati approached her ex-boyfriend, Ivan Brannan, at a gym and began screaming at him. When he tried to leave by going to the men's locker room, Capriati allegedly blocked his path and punched at his chest. The summons indicates that she "actually and intentionally touch[ed] and [struck]" Brannan and "willfully, maliciously and repeatedly follow[ed], harass[ed]" him.

According to county records, Capriati has been summoned to appear before a judge on April 17. However, she has not been arrested.

Capriati's summons is linked below.

Capriati PDF

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