Ivo Karlovic 'smacks that ace' after Wimbledon wins

Patrick McEnroe said it looks like he's spanking a bull.

Chris Fowler said he "smacked that ace."

Personally, I think it looks like a cross between Happy Gilmore and Akon.

Whatever you call it, Ivo Karlovic's victory dance is fast becoming the breakout star of Wimbledon. (In my mind, at least.) After his last two wins, the Croatian has celebrated on the court by quickly jutting out his midsection and moving his hand from side-to-side in a manner that could best be described as "suggestive". (You can see it at the 4:20 mark of this clip.)

At least one of Karlovic's friends in the stands has mimicked the same motion, suggesting it's either an inside joke or Croatian sign language for "I'm advancing to the next round Wimbledon".

In his post-match press conference, Karlovic played coy about the origins of the dance:

Q. Can you talk a little bit about your celebration at the end? It was a bit unusual.

IVO KARLOVIC: Yeah, it was my victory dance.

Q. What does it mean, and where did it come from?

IVO KARLOVIC: No, I don't know. It just came because I was happy. I don't know.

Q. So it wasn't planned?

IVO KARLOVIC: No, actually it was planned because all of my matches here after I was doing that. So yeah.

Q. How will you celebrate if you beat [your opponent in the quarterfinals, Roger] Federer? Will you do another dance?

IVO KARLOVIC: It will be the same dance.

So far this Wimbledon, Karlovic has been one of our favorites at the Tennis Experts Blog. The 30-year old Croat is the tallest player to ever appear on the ATP Tour (he's 6 feet 10 inches) and his serve is befitting a man of his stature. (In a third round upset of Jo-Wilifried Tsona, Karlovic blasted 46 aces.) In theory, his service game should have made Karlovic a natural fit at Wimbledon, but he had a five-year winless streak going at the All England Club before this tournament.

Ideally, Karlovic will win his quarterfinal match and continue to dance his way to the finals, where he'll meet Andy Murray. Then, after winning, Karlovic will perform the celebration in front of Queen Elizabeth, at which point she'll know what it would have been like to have actually appeared in "The Naked Gun".

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