Ivo Karlovic and Novak Djokovic collaborating on a rap song

Move over Jay-Z and Kanye, there may be a new rap duo on the scene. In a story that is almost too good to be true, a Croatian sports Web site, sportske.net, reports that tennis players Ivo Karlovic and Novak Djokovic are collaborating on a hip-hop duet.

Karlovic, who we celebrated at Wimbledon for his "spank that ace" dance, had dabbled in hip-hop before. He released a single late last year called "Bas Sve" (Just Everything) and it's actually not as bad as you'd imagine a rap song from a 6-foot-10 Croatian tennis player would be. This is probably for two reasons.

First, I can't understand a word of it (other than the bizarre "hidey hidey hee, hidey hidey ho" chorus), so the inevitable lines like "my serves are booming and strong like the bass in this song" fly by without notice. Secondly, the bar was set so improbably low, that the only way this could have been worse than anticipated is if Shaq made a guest appearance.

Karlovic worked on the single with Baby Dooks, who is known as Croatia's premiere hip-hop producer, a compliment that's about as meaningful as saying that Karlovic as Croatia's best rapping tennis player over 6-foot-nine. I'm guessing it was Baby Dooks' decision to include the sounds of a moaning woman in the background of "Bas Sve", which leads me to believe that he was either inspired by Monica Seles or 2 Live Crew.

Our hopes for the Karlovic/Djokovic collabo involve them trading verses over the sound of a bouncing tennis ball and a video in which Karlovic breaks out his "smack that ace" dance alongside Croatia's top hip-hop vixens. But let's not get greedy.

Hvala, tennis.com.