Game Point: Melanie Oudin wins, celebrates by wearing a Santa hat in June

Chris Chase
Busted Racquet

Love -- Melanie Oudin won in Eastbourne and wore a Santa hat to pose with the winner's trophy. (We're sure there's an obvious reason this happened, but I'd prefer it if there wasn't.) This looks like something "SportsCenter" would Photoshop if Oudin got traded to a team in the North Pole.

15 -- What, the Santa hat in June isn't the big story here? You think Oudin, ranked outside the top 200 before the tournament, continuing her solid run, winning her first-ever tournament, leaping to No. 122 in the rankings and playing her way into Wimbledon is a bigger deal? So does Peter Bodo.

30 -- Wimbledon redesigned its website and like all website redesigns, it initially feels like a step backward. But by next Tuesday, I'll have completely forgotten what the old one looked like. (I hope; even in the world of redesigns, this is pretty awkward.)

40 -- John Isner is on a Coke can celebrating American athletes at the Olympics. I wonder if Richard Gasquet is on the French version?

Game -- A must-read from Bruce Jenkins on the late Barry MacKay.

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