Gael Monfils hit a left-handed winner during his win over Jarkko Nieminen in France

Shane Bacon
Busted Racquet

Gael Monfils might not have the wins to prove his skill, but he's one of the most fun tennis players to watch in the world. Oh, and he's right-handed. Very much right-handed.

That didn't really matter during his semifinal win last week against Jarkko Nieminen at the Open Sud de France. Monfils was down in the second set and got himself in a tough spot with Nieminen taking control of the point up 2-0.

Nieminen hit a passing shot that looked like it would end up behind Monfils, but the Frenchman did the only thing he could do; stick out his racquet with his left hand and hit a winner.

Yes, that is a left-handed forehand winner from a right-handed player, and for Monfils it was just another highlight in a long YouTube list of highlights that will continue to follow him around long after he leaves this great game.

Monfils went on to win the event over Richard Gasquet, moving him up seven spots into the top-25 of the ATP world rankings.

h/t Beyond the Baseline

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