The five best pictures from media day at the ATP finals

Answer: Christmas, my birthday and ATP World Tour Finals picture day.

Question: What are Busted Racquet's favorites days of the year?

On Thursday, we showed you some of the best shots of the ATP World Tour finalists hanging out at 10 Downing Street with British Prime Minister David Cameron. Today, we give you the best of the rest; our five favorite pictures from picture and media day in London.

Incidentally, these sorts of photo opps need to catch on in other sports. Can you imagine how great it would be to see pictures before the Super Bowl of Michael Vick posing with Andy Reid at the Alamo? Get with it, NFL!

5. Andy Murray and David Cameron

Cameron: "I think it goes "'The Aristocrats!'"

Murray: "No, I was talking about The AristoCATS. It's my favorite movie."

4. Casual Rafael Nadal and goofy-looking Murray

Looks like Andy may have gotten to that stash of Coronas behind them. (And I'm always amazed how Rafa manages to get that $525,000 watch into every picture.)

3. Andy Roddick's yearbook picture

Andrew Stephen "Andy" Roddick

Class of 2000

Tennis, partying, brahsomeness

"You stay classy, planet Earth."

2. Andy Murray in black and white

Twenty bucks this is Murray's new Call of Duty avatar.

1. Best in show

Federer looks like he just figured out the meaning of life. Rafa looks a little stunned and angry about it. Nole is doing a Forrest Gump impersonation. And Roddick looks like he sees something crazy in the background, like David Cameron and Andy Murray getting into an arm wrestling match. Either that, or Nole just patted him on the rear.

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