The five best pictures of Djokovic and Australian Open trophy

The celebration may not have been as raucous as when Novak Djokovic won his last big trophy, but it still looked like the 23-year-old Serbian had a pretty good time with the Norman Brookes Challenge Cup anyway. Our favorites:

Djokovic busted a ceiling tile while posing for pictures. He looks very concerned about both the trophy and the ceiling.

Love how there's a microphone in front of the trophy, as if it's about to spout some platitudes about how it was a tough match out there against a worthy opponent. By the way, Djokovic seems like the sort of guy who would buy his trophy a seat on an airplane and then order it drinks. (Or maybe that's just me. If I won a trophy like that I'd make reservations for two at fancy restaurants and put it across the table from me and would try to get it a senior discount at the movies.)

Four guys and not one could have thrown on the falcon t-shirt? #serbianfail

No snark. This is just an awesome picture.

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