First that computer wins ‘Jeopardy,’ now robots are playing tennis

Chris Chase
Busted Racquet

Roger Federer felt the need to clarify last month that he's not Robocop. On Monday, Caroline Wozniacki's father reminded the press that Caro is no robot either.

The distinctions seem unnecessary, as Federer isn't a wounded cop living in a dystopic Detroit and Wozniacki clearly has feelings. We know they're not machines. Plus, robots can't play tennis anyway ... or can they?! (Cue inquisitive music.)

Check out these tennis-playing quadrocopters developed by researchers in Zurich:

The robots use sensors to pinpoint the location of the balls and to maintain positioning after contact. They were created by researchers at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

Andrea Petkovic probably thinks the best way to beat the robots is not to overpower them.

Racquet clap to The Daily Spin

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