Federer received an early wake-up call from his daughter

Chris Chase
Busted Racquet

Roger Federer knows better than to go against the wishes of his sleepy 2-year-old daughter, even if it's at 4 a.m. on the night before a tournament final.

The tennis great told reporters following this last weekend's win in the Paris Masters that he and his wife were awoken the night before the match by one of their toddler twin daughters. Instead of pleading with her to go back to bed so he could rest before the match, Federer quickly cut his losses. He explains:

"It happened many times that she wakes me up in the night this year, but I was not in the finals 25 times. I was hoping that during the night it would go well, but suddenly I was running with Mirka in the room to see if everything was okay. And she said, 'Let's take her in our bed.'  I said, 'Okay, let's do that.' I didn't even question this. I just said okay. I can't have a fight at 4:00 in the morning with her."

He got enough rest to defeat Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in straight sets and to lift the heavy tournament trophy over his head after.

"Almost cramped in my biceps," he said after hoisting his prize. "I have had like two or three other ones that have been very, very heavy. [...] This is steel, so you can imagine how strong I am."

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