Federer and Nadal hit painted tennis balls at themselves

How did Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal celebrate qualifying for the year-end Barclays ATP World Tour Finals in London? By hitting tennis balls doused in paint at a silhouette of themselves, of course.

As part of a promotion for November's year-end ATP championships, Nadal and Federer recently took part in the practice of artballing (I guess paintballing was already taken). Witness:

Three observations:

1. In their white jumpsuits, Roger and Rafa look like HAZMAT workers. That, or Elvis circa 1974.

2. The seriousness of Federer contrasted with the amusement of Nadal gives some quick insight into the personalities of each.

3. You can see the final products here. We're giving the first round of artballing to Rafa. He was fortunate to receive a better silhouette and more interesting paint color, but I also like how he seemed to use some finesse in hitting the paint-covered tennis balls to the canvas. (They used to say the same thing about Caravaggio.)

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