Fashion takes center stage on the first day at Wimbledon

With former Wimbledon champions Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova winning their first round matches today in straight sets, the only excitement was in seeing whether each could outdo their memorable fashion choices from last year's tournament. Only Federer did, but that wasn't necessarily a good thing.

Sharapova, who wore a dazzling, see-through tuxedo top last year, walked onto Court One in an understated coat and carrying an oversized bag that seems to be Nike's attempt to cater to the backhand-hitting Louis Vuitton crowd. During the match, the 2004 champ wore a simple white dress, much like the one she had on when she hoisted the Rosewater Dish five years ago.

If the Russian beauty was going for the classic look, Roger Federer was going for the Generalismo motif. Looking either like a cross between a guy leading a coup and a backup dancer from Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation" tour, the five-time champ's military get-up was an interesting choice, but not as interesting as the tuxedo vest he wore in warmups. It made him look like the ring bearer from my sister's wedding. The only chance that look has at making it from Wimbledon to the country clubs is if it's being worn by the valets.

Another fashion faux pas from Federer was the bag he carried out onto the court. I half-expected Paris Hilton's dog to jump out of it.

That being said, the whole look was an improvement over the sweatered, preppy vibe Federer went with last year.

And, in his defense, Roger was sporting some pretty fresh kicks (that's what the kids say, right?). His new gold-trimmed Nike sneakers have his "F" logo on the back of the left shoe and the Wimbledon trophy overlayed with the number five on the back of the right.

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