Eugenie Bouchard falls down, hits backhand while seated on the clay, wins the point anyway

Sometimes sports can knock you on your tail, but the whole idea of competitiveness is to get back up and keep fighting. Or you could just stay sitting down and win the competition anyway.

That's what happened to Eugenie Bouchard during her opening round match at the Portugal Open. The No. 2 seed was playing Alisa Kleybanova, and after taking the opening set 6-4, had an early break point to take a quick second set lead.

Bouchard got tangled up on the clay as players tend to do, falling down on her backside but never giving up on the point. The 20-year-old Canadian hit a looping backhand that just cleared the net, got herself back up and ended up winning the point with that same backhand she hit while seated on the court.

Her smile after the point said it all, and Bouchard cruised in the second set, winning 6-1 to advance to the second round.

All in all, it was a pretty incredible point and one that Bouchard never gave up on no matter how creative she had to get with returning the ball to Kleybanova.

h/t Beyond the Baseline

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