Ernests Gulbis gives lengthy answer about vampires in tennis when he was asked about umpires

We've all seen strange press conferences. We've had players come in and give one-word answers, we've had players walk off mid-question and at times, we have the player come in and laugh and joke with the press.

But a full-on answer about vampires in the sport of tennis? That is a first.

Ernests Gulbis was asked in his Monday press conference following his opening match win about umpires going away in the sport of tennis considering how technology has made calling lines a bit less important (and how John McEnroe wishes players would call their own lines), and Gulbis thought the question was about vampires.

That was when he started answering, and answering, and answering until that same reporter came in with a follow-up question that finally made Gulbis realize this wasn't some "Twilight" movie premiere Q and A but a question about the people that make the calls.

"Get rid of umpires? My God I thought something else. I thought vampires. Vampires in the way that people who are surrounding and sucking the energy out of players. That's what I meant. Umpires. That would be a better comparison. Umpires? No. Without umpires it wouldn't work," Gulbis said with a laugh.

So yes, we are not two days in at the 2014 Wimbledon championships and we already have a nominee for the best quote of these two weeks.

Next press conference I'm hoping for "backhand/Ironman" mishap just to keep this theme rolling on.


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