The devil loves Roger: Federer featured in September 'Vogue'

Because Anna Wintour has long had a special place in her heart for Roger Federer, we were concerned that the legendary Vogue editor may have been a tad jealous earlier this year after Federer was married to his long-time girlfriend, Mirka Vavrinec. Our worry was all for naught.

Federer gets a cover line and a featured two-page spread in the September issue of Vogue, an indication that Wintour still has some affection for the man she used to squire around New York fashion shows, much to the delight of the city's tabloids.

Among the most interesting nuggets from the piece:

-- Federer sometimes plays as Rafael Nadal in tennis games on Playstation to "see how it feels to ... play against myself."

-- His goal is for his twin daughters to one day see him play in a Grand Slam. (And remember the experience, presumably.)

-- During the epic Wimbledon final with Andy Roddick it occurred to Federer that all the stress might not be the best thing for his eight-month pregnant wife. (Then maybe he shouldn't have waited until the 77th game to break Roddick!)

You can read the full interview here or pick up a copy of the magazine, which hit newsstands today.

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