Daniela Hantuchova confirms/debunks Wikipedia-based facts

Here's a fun, four-minute video of Daniela Hantuchova answering trivia questions taken from her Wikipedia page:

You have to love how Hantuchova seems nervous before each question and cutely displays a small sense of triumph when she gets one right. It's also nice to be reminded that Wikipedia is often full of nonsense, like this passage about her non-existent sister (which has since been taken out):

The WTA's self-produced web videos have been a great boon for the tour's marketing this year. Busted Racquet asked the great Kevin Fischer, senior communications director for the tour, to shed some more light on how the videos come to light. As always, he was happy to oblige:

The videos are shot by the WTA Digital Media team at various tournaments. The Daniela video that was just posted, for example, was filmed outside her hotel during the Montreal tournament. The aim is to show fans a different side to the WTA players and allow them to get to know their personality off the court. We mix the videos up a bit - some are quite sporty (Akgul basketball), some are more fun and laid back (Daniela), some are more of a getting to know (Kleybanova swimming). We will be doing more throughout the year next year, kicking off again in Sydney.

Looking forward to it. Let's hope they do more of the Wiki-What segments. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to edit Maria Sharapova's Wikipedia page ... Once dated Yahoo! tennis blogger Chris Chase.

There, that should do it.

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