The Cyclops, Day Five: Del Potro v. Melzer

The Cyclops is our daily look at one match you should be sure to follow during the upcoming day at the U.S. Open.

Juan Martin Del Potro (6) ARG v. Jürgen Melzer (AUT), second match (appx. 1 p.m.), Louis Armstrong Stadium

On his Wikipedia page, Jürgen Melzer is said to be "often referred to as the best player on the tour to have not reached the fourth round of a major tournament".

Maybe the editors of that page meant to use "never" instead of "often" because I've never heard anyone refer to Melzer that way, unless Bud Collins did once but I didn't hear him because I had muted my television long before. Isn't this a confliction in terms? If you're not good enough to make it the fourth round of a major once then you probably aren't all that good. (Relatively speaking, of course.)

But as long as we're handing out arbitrary distinctions to tennis players, Melzer's opponent today, Juan Martin Del Potro, is often referred to as the best player on the tour to have not reached the finals of a major tournament. By me. Just now.

The two square off today in a second round match in which Del Potro is heavily favored. Melzer played the Argentinian to a third set tiebreak when they met earlier this year at Indian Wells, so an upset wouldn't be the biggest shock of the tournament and it would help Melzer shed the label "best player with an umlaut in his name to have never won a match against an even-numbered seed in a stadium named after a jazz musician."

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