Chris Evert and John McEnroe brought the Wimbledon trophies to America for the first time (VIDEO)

Chris Chase
Busted Racquet

The Wimbledon trophies made their debut on American soil this week when John McEnroe and Chris Evert brought the Challenge Cup and Venus Rosewater Dish to ABC's "Good Morning America" to promote ESPN's new 12-year partnership with Wimbledon.

It was the first time the two winner's trophies had left the All England Club.

It must have been a special day for Evert, getting so close to the trophy that her beloved Roger Federer may hold in three weeks. You could sense her trepidation when McEnroe picked Fed to win it all. She must not have wanted to jinx him.

For all of ESPN's faults -- Chris Berman, NFL draft coverage, "Monday Night Football," Jon Gruden, "First Take," Jon Gruden, never showing highlights -- its tennis coverage is excellent. Bringing back "Breakfast at Wimbledon," showing live matches all day for the fortnight and allowing for streaming on various devices are positive signs that this will continue during this year's coverage from the All England Club.

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