The best point of Wimbledon? Roger Federer and Julien Benneteau go all out in crucial tiebreaker (VIDEO)

Chris Chase
Busted Racquet

Of all the moments when it felt like Roger Federer might lose to Julien Benneteau on Friday, none was more pronounced than after this spectacular point in the crucial fourth-set tiebreaker. Federer led 4-3 and had an opportunity to take a mini-break on the 29th-seeded Frenchman. He appeared to get a lucky break when a backhand hit the net cord and bounced behind a running Benneteau.

Federer getting to Benneteau's shot was almost as impressive as his opponent's quick reflex move. Look at how much court he covered to get to the ball and how he managed to place the shot like it was a routine point.

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The six-time champion went on to win the tiebreak and the match to keep alive his streak of 32-straight Grand Slam quarterfinal appearances.

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