The best pictures from the ATP World Tour Finals

Other than Andy Roddick taking Rafael Nadal to the limit on Monday, the first wave of round-robin matches at the ATP World Tour Finals were fairly non-descript. Roger Federer looks good, Tomas Berdych looks bad and Andy Murray, as always, is a riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in argyle.

Before the action picks up (and it didn't on Tuesday, as Federer cleaned the court with Murray in the most anticipated match of the round robin), here are a few of our favorite pictures from the tournament:

Before the opening matches, the ATP held a retirement ceremony for 1998 French Open champion and former world No. 1 Carlos Moya. (Read Busted Racquet's thoughts on Moya here.) I'm glad Roddick dressed up for the occasion.

When they chest bump, the Bryan brothers look an awful lot like Milli Vanilli in the "Girl You Know It's True" video.

That's more emoting than January Jones (right) has done in four seasons of "Mad Men." To her left is Rose Byrne, who you may remember as Dormé from the best of the six "Star Wars" movies, "Attack of the Clones."

This is the third day in a row Diego Maradona has been at the WTF. I'm starting to think he doesn't have much else to do these days. And, yes, he's wearing two watches.

Didn't realize Federer had started traveling in Snoop Dogg's entourage.

Peter Gabriel, just because the original Genesis is vastly underrated.

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