Bernard Tomic’s girlfriend is becoming more popular than him

Chris Chase
Busted Racquet

Bernard Tomic is on his way to becoming the most popular person in Australia, provided his girlfriend doesn't get there first.

The rising 19-year-old tennis star has been making headlines at the Australian Open and could become a worldwide sensation if he upsets Roger Federer in their fourth-round match on Sunday. But Tomic is sharing the spotlight with girlfriend Donay Meijer, who has been a favorite of television cameras, photographers and tabloid reporters during Tomic's three wins in Melbourne.

The 21-year-old Meijer has been dating Tomic for six months. They met through friends, a publicist says, as if we believe that an up-and-coming tennis star and aspiring model get set up on awkward blind dates.

American sports websites are just finding out about Meijer and showering her with the attention you'd expect a young, blonde model to receive. We're not so gratuitous at Busted Racquet, so in lieu of a photo gallery, here are some facts about Tomic's love interest. (Totally kidding. The photo gallery is below.)

• Is completing a pharmacy degree. (Wayne Odesnik is devastated he didn't meet her first.)

• Adjectives used to describe her in a recent Herald Sun article: tall, tanned, willowy, talented, articulate, talented (again), lovely, academic, commercial and sultry.

• Nouns used to describe her in the same piece: bombshell, stunner.

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