Bernard Tomic’s father, John, charged with assaulting his son’s hitting partner in Madrid

Shane Bacon
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Details continue to emerge of an incredibly ugly incident out of Madrid, where Bernard Tomic's father, John Tomic, headbutted the 20-year-old Australian's hitting partner before the team was scheduled to board an airplane.

The story goes that Thomas Drouet, the hitting partner of Bernard, got into an altercation with John after he told Drouet that he wouldn't be paid or allowed on the flight, going after the playing partner, spitting in his face and then headbutting him, breaking his nose and leaving him unconscious outside the player's hotel in Madrid.

From the Herald Sun report ...

Drouet said they were both outside their Madrid hotel when Tomic Sr asked him to walk with him.

"After 100m or something like this he was looking around and then he started again. I thought he was going to say sorry for the verbal abuse, but no.

"He spat in my face, then walked away, and said he wouldn't pay me any more.

"I said, 'OK, John, you are a real man. That's fine. Bernard will pay me'.

"And he headbutted me.

"Every day he treat me like a dog for six months, with disrespect and then this. But he need to be off the ATP (tour)."

The story doesn't get much better, as Drouet admitted to seeing John punch Bernard in the mouth last week, leaving him in tears. Drouet is now calling for the ATP to ban John from all tennis circuit events, and if he gets found guilty of assault could spend three years in prison.

This isn't the first time that the father-son team has made the news for something out of the ordinary. Last year at the Australian Open Bernard asked the chair umpire, during a match, to eject his father from the stands because, "he's annoying me."

Here is a report from The Morning Show on the incident ...

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