Anna Kournikova involved in Vegas catfight

It's as if the dreams of every man, aged 18-49, have been answered: Anna Kournikova was in a catfight. (Here's a photo gallery to peruse while you decompress from this news.)

People magazine reports that the former tennis star was involved in a tussle with another woman this weekend while at a Las Vegas nightclub. It started as most nightclub dust-ups do, with somebody bumping into someone else and beef ensuing.

After a brief pushing match, the women were separated (why? WHY?!) and things settled down until the woman returned and threw a drink on Kournikova and her assistant.

Page Six then says that Kournikova "sprung into action" and started screaming and pushing the other woman, who then grabbed the former tennis star by her neck and threw her into a wall. Security broke up the fight soon after. The other woman was escorted out of the club and Kournikova was left with scratches on her neck.

(Exhales.) I think I need a cigarette.

It was 12 years ago this week when a 16-year old Kournikova burst onto the worldwide scene after becoming the second woman in the Open era to reach the Wimbledon semifinals in her tournament debut. She famously never won a title in her professional career, a fact which didn't stop her from becoming one of the most recognizable tennis players on the planet.

Since then, Kournikova has modeled, played the occasional exhibition match and dated singer Enrique Iglesias.

Speaking of Enrique, where was he while the nightclub fight was going down? Anna, I assure you, if we were dating, I'd never let some drunk woman throw her vodka cranberry on you, this I vow. Twitter me. We'll talk.

Hey, if an Anna Kournikova catfight happened, I might as well see if answered prayers come in twos.

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