Andy Roddick takes a serve in a very sensitive area during first PowerShares Series event

Shane Bacon
Busted Racquet

Andy Roddick might have retired from the ATP, but the 31-year-old is still a tennis player at heart and there are plenty of other places to get your fix even if you leave the big stage.

Roddick played his first ever PowerShares Series event this past week in Alabama, and while it isn't exactly a showdown with Roger Federer at Wimbledon it does pit big name players against others that have stepped away from competitive tennis.

The former U.S. Open champion got a taste of just how good these champions tour players can be when Mark Philippoussis hit a first serve that found Roddick in a very, very sensitive area.

Roddick took plenty of time before returning to play another point, but he was able to calm himself and not only win his match against Philippoussis but take down John McEnroe in the finals.

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