Andy Roddick narrowly missed taking out a ball girl with his racquet (video)

Chris Chase
Busted Racquet

Andy Roddick (1) cringes as his tossed racquet (2) almost hits an unsuspecting ballgirl (3) trying to retrieve a netted shot (4) as Roger Federer looks on in girlish horror (5).

It was one of those classic exhibition points. Roddick and Federer traded easy lobs and overheads, setting up trick shots to delight the crowd of 18,000 at Madison Square Garden. Roger hit a tweener that Andy tried to copy. When his attempt dropped weakly into the bottom of the net, Roddick lightly threw his racquet in mock disgust. He didn't see the eager ballgirl who had burst out from behind a water cooler to retrieve the ball.

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Roddick's racquet bounced just to her left, then kicked right, almost hitting the young girl on its bounce. It landed near a horrified Federer's feet.

No harm, no foul, unless it's later revealed that Larry Stefanki had put a bounty on a ball kid.

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