Andy Murray’s sore bottom forced him to withdraw from tourney

Chris Chase
Busted Racquet

A pain in the rear forced Andy Murray out of this week's tournament in Basel, Switzerland.

The world No. 3 woke up on the morning of his match against Robin Haase unable to walk. Murray told reporters that he went to sleep and woke up with a sharp pain in his right gluteal muscle (in layman's terms, his caboose) that wouldn't allow him to take the court:

"I woke up yesterday and was really struggling to walk. I went to a swimming pool nearby and did some exercises and it felt a little better, but I was forced to cancel my practice yesterday. It is just a freak thing and I have no idea how I did it."

Once you've gotten all the inappropriate jokes out of your system, feel free to join us at the next paragraph.

I'm surprised there aren't more hotel bed-related injuries amongst athletes. Every time I sleep in a hotel, I wake up feeling like my neck spent the night doing "The Exorcist" twirl. Can't say I've had any experience with right gluteal strains after a night at the Marriott, though, but, then again, I'm still young.

The world No. 3 says he plans to be ready for the Paris Masters and ATP World Tour Finals later this month.

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