Andy Murray plans to stop swearing so [censored]ing much while on the court

Jay Busbee
Busted Racquet

Tennis can be a frustrating game. When you play your heart out and lose the point, screaming out a "[censored]" or "[censored]" or "[censored] you, you [censored] [censored] ball" feels really, really good. Problem is, if the world's watching, cursing like you're in a Tarantino film lacks a certain decorum.

As such, Andy Murray, reigning U.S. Open champion and swearing maestro, has decided that he'll clean up his mouth, starting with next month's Australian Open, according to Scotland's Daily Record.

"Obviously, me saying [censored but starts with 's'] or whatever is bad and wrong, and it's something I want to try to stop doing," he said, then added the kicker: "But it isn't as bad as some of the stuff the foreign players come out with. I wouldn't want to name any names, but some of what they say is ghastly. It's just that all of the umpires speak English." (Someone needs to start a website with translations of foreign tennis player curse translations, pronto.)

Noise on the court is, of course, a perpetual and growing issue for tennis and its players. Mostly, complaints have centered around absurdly loud grunting and shrieking, like this melodious exchange between Victoria Azarenka and Caroline Wozniacki. Murray received an official warning for his cursing at the Rome Masters this year, and was dinged in Paris in 2011 for using the word "bollocks," which means nothing in America but is the equivalent of [censored] or perhaps [censored] in Murray's native Great Britain.

Earlier this year, Murray became Great Britain's first male Grand Slam winner in 76 years when he took the U.S. Open, which, for British tennis fans, was absolutely [censored] awesome.

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