Andy Murray eats 6,000 calories per day

If winning Wimbledon is Andy Murray's passion, eating seems to be a close second. The British star, who plays American Andy Roddick in one of the Wimbledon semifinals tomorrow, has been consuming over 6,000 calories per day during this fortnight and has frequently Twittered about food.

According to reports, Murray usually consumes 3,500 calories per day. But to increase recovery during his matches at Wimbledon (one of which went nearly four hours), Murray has increased that total to 6,000, reached via six daily meals of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and leafy greens. Murray also drinks six liters of water daily.

With all those meals, it's not surprising that food often seems to be on Murray's mind. Of his last 27 Twitter updates, 11 of them have dealt with eating in some fashion.

He mentions that he's going to eat in the player's lounge, that he's eating in and watching "Big Brother" and even had a three-Tweet stretch where he was making up snack names for tennis players. Examples included: Prawn Borg, Martina Haggis, Juan Martin del Popcorn and Boris Doubledecker.

The morning after his classic fourth round match with Stanislas Wawrinka (or Stanislas WineDrinker), Murray tweeted:

before i forget, thanks a lot to pizza express wimby village for firing up their ovens after they shut last night just for me. really kind.

Murray's 6,000 calories may seem overindulgent, but that can't touch the 12,000 daily calories that Michael Phelps was reportedly consuming before the Olympics. With the Games set for London in 2012, perhaps Murray can show Phelps the local haunts. Pizza Express at Wimbledon Village, you might want to start making the pizzas now.

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