Andy Murray accidentally gave himself a buzzcut

Nobody in tennis intentionally wants to cut their hair short.

In the same week that Maria Sharapova fooled the world by releasing photos of her wearing a wig, Andy Murray showed up to the Monte Carlo Open with an actual haircut. The Scotsman had a new buzzcut that was supposed to be a metaphor for a new attitude. Gone were the shaggy locks and all the baggage that came with it. Murray was focused on business heading into the biggest summer of his life. (Or so the story went.)

Turns out the world No. 4 just used the wrong setting on the clippers. His mother, Judy, Great Britain's Fed Cup coach, regaled the press with the story earlier this week.

"Andy borrowed some clippers from Treacle [trainer Matt Little], and didn't know that it would be so short," she said in Sweden. "Once he had started shaving his head at grade one, there was no going back; he had to carry on as you couldn't have the hair different lengths. So he hadn't worked out the settings on the clippers before he used them."

All I've seen is a transcript of Judy's quote, so it's impossible to tell whether she was using her dry sense of humour. Reporters who were there seem to think she was serious, so we'll take her at her word.

For the record, mom didn't mind the accident. "Doesn't matter, though," she said. "I like the haircut."

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